A Little About Myself

I have written and illustrated twenty two children’s books and illustrated a further twenty four, including several Noddy titles, Rupert The Bear and a Jeffrey Archer book. My own published characters include Major Tom, The Fun Guys, Fruit & Veg, Cannelloni, Detective Duffy and the Globs.

My forty years of illustrating comics, annuals and magazines has resulted in a unique collection of original published artwork. These hand drawn pieces contain famous TV favourites such as Bugs Bunny, Postman Pat, Tom & Jerry, Budgie The Little Helicopter ( written by Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York ) Puppy In My Pocket, Jess The Cat ( Postman Pat’s famous pet ) Spot The Dog, Charlie Chalk and Bertha.

Original Artwork & Prints

These rare collectables are exclusively offered for sale by Cartoon Art UK and make excellent gifts for children and adults alike. To purchase a piece from the selection of characters below or if you require something specific please get in touch directly via the Contact page as the amount of stock that I have accumulated is too numerous to show online.


The Major Tom eBook Series

With his nose twitching each time he scents mischief, Major Tom of the Space Federation patrols the galaxy in his spacecraft, the Flying Orange. Their missions take the famous crime fighters through dangerous uncharted space to strange distant planets. Tom and Oddball have to pit their wits against mean and menacing extra-terrestrial villains, their objective – to make space a safer place.

The following pages provide a brief summary of the eBook series now available to download from Amazon.

You are able to read the first book for free on this website, just click the front cover